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Recover Sunken Artifacts in Mystery Coast: Treasure Hunt, Now Available on iOS

Mystery Coast – a place where nobody know what lies beneath. Despite the apt name, the coast has attracted many would-be treasure hunters in search of glorious finds and new discoveries. You are part of one such crew: the Mary Rose along with research captain Storm. Together, you will discover the secrets beneath Mystery Coast…

Mystery Coast: Treasure Hunt is a new live-action adventure from Playdeo, the studio that brought us the charming augmented reality game Avo! Players will ride with the crew of the Mary Rose as they explore the Mystery Coast.

You will work together with Storm to recover ancient relics from the bottom of the coast. Many of these items are completely rusted over, so you will need to restore them with professional tools aboard the Mary Rose.

Once an artifact is cleaned and restored to perfection, you can then auction it off for precious gems which you can use to further your research efforts. There are also clients that grant the crew daily missions that can be completed for more gems.

Much like their previous game Avo!, Mystery Coast: Treasure Hunt features real-life actors to tell the story of the Mary Rose. As you discover more and more artifacts, your trusty partner Storm will tell you more and more about her past and her connection to the Mystery Coast.

What treasures will you find? Mystery Coast: Treasure Hunt is now available on the App Store.

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