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Create Your Own Games in Fancade, Now Available on iOS, Android

Ever wanted to create your own mobile game, but everything just seemed too daunting to get into? We have the game for you! Martin Magni, the developer who brought us the isometric puzzle game Mekorama has released a new game called Fancade.

Fancade is, well, an arcade ran by the developer and fans of the game as well! Fancade comes with over 50 bite-sized games for you to play and complete, from challenging platform games, to exciting racing games – there is a game for everyone.

Each game comes with tons of levels built in, and there are optional challenge stars for you to collect for the completionists out there. When you are done with the built-in games, head on over to the arcade where there are new games being added every day.

Where are these games coming from, you might ask? From players like you, all around the world! Fancade features a easy-to-learn game creation tool, where you can use preset graphics and programming to create your own levels.

Create the race track of your dreams, or make a fun little cooking game for when you get hungry. You can also try your hand at making isometric puzzle games just like Mekorama! There is an endless amount of possibilities!

What will you create? Fancade is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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