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Arrog, The Journey Through Death, Coming July to iOS, Android

When a man meets his untimely death, he is instantly transported to another world. He finds himself in a dark abyss, but a bright white capybara walks up to him and holds out a small container. It then murmurs the words…


And thus begins the journey through the dreams of death in Arrog, a new indie puzzle adventure featuring grim yet hopeful tones. In this completely black and white adventure game, players must help a man traverse his dream world as he comes to terms with his own death.

The dream world is fragmented, and nothing is ever as it seems – it is up to the player to piece together the bizarre architecture and find a way forward. With designs and stories based on real life Latin American folklore, this story about life and death seeks to completely immerse you in its gripping tale.

With hand-drawn minimalistic artwork, an immersive soundtrack, and a haunting yet touching narrative, Arrog is an artistic trip through the afterlife. The game is scheduled to launch on the both the App Store and Google Play Store on July 22, 2020 for 1.99 USD.


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